Stories–even the difficult parts, the failures, the disappointments–connect us as a crucial, tangible part of the human experience.

Used well and appropriately, the right story introduces an organic process to marketing copy that can otherwise feel stilted and forced.

Inject your website, social media, press releases, and newsletter with a genuine personality and focus by using the techniques of story–whether your own, the people you partner with, or the people you assist.

Consistently sharing tales across communication platforms:

  • positions a business as a leader in the field,
  • impacts the bottom line by reminding the public of the product or service provided,
  • develops relationships with clients, and
  • provides media-ready public relations.

I’ve seen an increase in sales for clients such as SoapBox Philly, just for maintaining a monthly newsletter that holds beautiful photos and clear, concise writing.

I’ve also witnessed the power of collaboration through deliberate and regularly scheduled email, social media, and personal invitation communication, asking others to participate in community-focused initiatives and events.

Let’s talk about your story.

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